Yates ~ The Pulp Car

A Michigan landmark for over six generations.

What is that train track behind the mill? That is used for our apple pulp train car!

After all the juice is squeezed out of the apples, the dried up bunch of apple bits that are left is what we call apple pulp. From the press, each blanket-full of apple pulp is dumped into one of these cars. Once the car is full, it follows the tracks from underneath the mill, up the hill and outside where it is dumped and ready to be hauled away.

Yates Cider Mill | Apple Cider Michigan

Watch the gates close and the Railroad Crossing Sign lights will flash and the bell will ring!

Yates Cider Mill | Apple Cider Michigan

Then you will know the apple pulp cars are on their way! On a busy weekend, the pulp car is emptied a couple times a day, usually later in the afternoon.
The cost is FREE. Come in the afternoon for the best chance to see it!

Yates Pulp Car
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