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Yates Cider Mill is smack-dab in the middle of some amazing outdoor opportunities with some of the most beautiful places in the area to take in nature’s beauty along the Clinton River.  The trails around Yates Cider Mill can bring you to some great get-away spots to enjoy some quiet and scenic moments away.

With everything from a family-friendly environment, outdoor adventures, and a pet-friendly space, the Yates property offers something to satisfy every visitor looking for the perfect escape. 

Yates Trail Map

Trail #1
The Railroad Trail

Length – .5 miles (1 mile down and back)

In Google Maps, it’s called Yates Trail, which seems like a really good idea to us. This trail takes you from the front of Yates Cider Mill south through the woods along the Clinton River. The trail has a few foot trails to the right that take you down to the river. This trail is flat and wide and can accommodate lots and lots of people.

Trail #2
The Cider Mill Loop

Length – .8 miles

This trail begins at the end and to the left of #1, the Railroad Trail.  This is a single-file foot or bike trail.  It does have enough twists and turns and ups and downs that it is not really all that stroller friendly, but it is in really good shape and generally flat.  It meanders through the woods and brings you back to Yates Cider Mill.

Trail #3
Gene Shepherd Park Connector

Length – .5 miles (1 mile down and back)

This connector trail brings you from the west side of Gene Shepherd Park (near the tennis courts) to Yates by intercepting Trail #2, the Cider Mill Loop.  It has a couple twists and turns and a couple small hills, and it is great for walks or bikes.  Probably a no-go for strollers.

Nearby Trail

A short walk or ride on the pathway north of Yates along Dequindre Road leads you to the Macomb Orchard Trail and the Clinton River Trail.  These trails can take you into Rochester Hills and beyond or all the way up to Richmond if you are ambitious.

Just to the west of the Yates on Avon and just past the bridge is a bike or foot path that takes you into Bloomer State Park.  Bloomer has some terrific trails with beautiful river and woodland views.

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